Opening Hours:
pon under 10-22, nd 10-21
(22) 823 32 27

Restaurant Skorosuhi has been designed for simple elegance. The interiors are made of natural materials, such as gypsum, brick, oak, stone. Through the subtle use of typical Japanese architecture highest quality materials we wanted to establish to what is most characteristic of Japan that is mentioned quality, traditional style and nature.

Today you can not come to our restaurant? That's not the reason, to give up the delicious sushi. If you fancy the Japanese feast, call us and order sushi directly to your home or office!

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Orders are from 12:00 of 22:00, The minimum value is 80 zł.
Such. +48 22 823 32 27

Delivery free: Ursus, Piast, Italy, Willingness - Al. Jerusalem.

Now Sushi can be found everywhere from the grocery store to the bars. Used ingredients are combined in unlimited combinations of sauces, giving rise to all sorts of flavors, which, however, did not meet in Japan. Sushi is not bread, that you can buy in the store. Termin Sushi has been extended up to and used too often as a marketing tool.

We, however, see it from a different perspective. Our guests recognize, Sushi is the minimalism and simplicity. Just such dishes served in our restaurant. Denmark produced while maintaining the highest standards of discipline and Japanese tradition.

Optimum taste Sushi can only be achieved by a minimum of human interference in the products - releasing natural flavors within individual components. These features can not be achieved by adding cream and mayonnaise sauces in large quantities - a charakteruzje basically all restaurants in Warsaw. The sauce is just to mask the taste.

Japanese people traditionally determined as part of nature, and stressed the need for harmony with the environment.
This respect for nature is reflected in taking into account the seasonality in traditional Japanese cuisine. Instead of relying on the change of seasons, we can choose to enjoy the unique flavors available at different times. Japanese food is a wealth of natural and healthy ingredients, which are used for production of.
For people, who never ate with us, I highly recommend our restaurant Skoro Sushi. We can do Sushi.